Week of April 22-26, 2019

Welcome to our student teacher, Miss Pinter, who will be with our class until the first week of May!

Upcoming Events:
1. April 22nd - Easter Monday
2. April 23rd - Festival Du Voyageurs program

Ongoing Assignments:
- Religion Biography
- Loyalist Diary Entry (Gr. 6)
- D.A.R.E. (Grade 6) and RACE Against Drugs (Grade 5) assignments 
*Please note that due date for these assignments will be set after we have completed several in-class sessions.

Language Arts

Reader's Workshop: 
- How to effectively analyze and respond to nonfiction texts and articles (comprehension)
- Introduction to nonfiction text structures: description, sequence, cause and effect, problem and solution, compare and contrast
- Students will have a quiz on Nonfiction text features next Thursday (April 25th)

Writer's Workshop: 
- Students will learn how to write a short biography.
- Students will be asked to write a journal entry from the perspective of an early settler.

Math - Decimals 

- Students will perform the operations of addition and subtraction using decimal numbers
- Students will perform the operations of multiplication and division using decimal numbers
- Review of ratio, rate and operations using decimals (Unit test will be Monday, April 29th)

Social Studies
- Grade 5 students will learn about the fur trade in Eastern Canada.
- Grade 6 students will look at the factors that brought immigrants to Canada from 1900 to the present.

Religion/Family Life

- Students will learn about Jesus' resurrection and ascension.

Phys. Ed.
- Floor hockey (stick handling, passing and shooting)

- Students will learn about 7 root safety strategies and 4 root safety strategies as part of our unit on Personal Safety and Injury prevention.
- Students will have class time to work on their D.A.R.E. (Grade 6) and RACE Against Drugs (Grade 5) assignments.