Mrs. Moreau's Grade 3/4 Class 

Week of Dec. 9-13, 2019

Important Dates:

Dec. 9 - P.F. band visits St. Bernard’s

Dec. 10 - Family Advent Mass at St. Columbkille’s (6:30 p.m.)

Language Arts

Reader's Workshop: This week, students will complete their short story lapbook project and submit it for marking. We will read a variety of Advent and Christmas-themed texts and use these books to review story elements by completing plot diagrams, comparing and contrasting characters and exploring theme.

Daily 5: As part of our Daily 5 rotations, students will participate in five independent activities over the course of the week: Read to Self, Read with Someone, Word Work, Listen to Reading, and Work on Writing. Students will also meet with a teacher several times each week for Guided Reading.

Novel Study: Bunnicula

This week, we will work to finish the novel, Bunnicula. Students will complete a variety of reading comprehension questions, writing tasks, and activities on each chapter read.

Word Work/Grammar: This week, students will learn about similes and metaphors and apply their learning to a variety of Christmas-themed activities.

Spelling: Last week’s spelling test has been moved to Monday, December 9th. There are no new spelling words this week. Over the next few weeks, students will learn different Advent and Christmas words and apply them to their daily writing.

Writing: This week, we will apply our understanding of persuasive writing to different Christmas-themed tasks. Students will write a persuasive piece arguing in favour of either a real or artificial Christmas tree. Students will also take on the role of an elf and write a letter to Santa convincing him to hire them for a position in his workshop. Finally, students will also take on the role of a reindeer on strike and writing a letter issuing demands to Santa that must be met if they are to pull his sleigh on Christmas Eve.

Math: This week, students will participate in a Christmas-themed measurement task. Students will imagine that they have been hired by Google maps to create a map of Santa’s Village at the North Pole.  Because Santa does not allow humans at the North Pole, students will be provided with information to help create a map of his village. Students will be asked to determine the perimeter and area of each building in Santa’s Village.

Social Studies: Grade 3 students continue to work on their persuasive paragraph arguing whether a selected industry (e.g., mining) is helpful or harmful to Ontario. Grade 4 students will complete their itinerary for a visit to the Hudson Bay Lowlands region.

Physical Education: This week, students will participate in half-court games to practice their basketball skills.

Music: Students will continue to learn the Solfege hand signal and use them when singing notes on the C major scale. Students will apply proper posture and breathing techniques when practicing and performing the song, “Solitary Snowflake.”

Religion and Family Life: This week, we continue our study of Advent by exploring the Jesse Tree. Students will select a symbol from the Jesse Tree to research and will design their own ornament.