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   I understand that some of you are experiencing difficulties with access; please remember to unblock plug ins and try again.  If you continue to experience difficulties, please email me French teacher email ([email protected]) and I will either remove them or attempt to problem solve. (Canadian Parents for French)

French by podcast - learn French on-line, by podcast....check your grammar

French phonics for fun  - French phonics for all grades; great for pronunciation practice and grammar checks

Duolingo - Practise skills, build vocabulary: What level are you?

Alors,une bonne émission a regarder "Sid le petit scientifique" - although the content is directed to primary learners, it is beneficial to all French students in core, immersion & full French programmes. 

Mobile Apps!
Try using Apps on your iPod, iPad or iPhone to practise vocabulary, learn new words & expressions and play games.  If you discover an App you really like, share it with the class - below is a list of some I've tried with students in the classroom; most are free or have a free version to try and then inexpensive upgrades to purchase.
For the following Apps please access the Apple Apps store and down load the following Apps ( great for skill building & practise of both oral and written French activities - FUN too!):

French Test Lite
Learn French
French LS
French Cards
SpkEasy FR
Essentials version 2.1.0
MindSnacks French
FR Lite 24/7
7 jours
7 Mots
Watermelon-works ($9.99 - worth the cost! really helps build phonetic & language development skills)