Primaire Devoirs/Tâches//Primary Homework/Tasks (Grades 1-3)

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30 mars, 2020
Usually, Primary students attend French class 2-3 times per week (depending on A day/B day calendar) - perhaps 20 - 30 minutes three times a week (or more) is sufficient during this challenging time. 
Please access Fun Links pages to explore games and activities on-line to build skills, confidence and to just have fun with French!

Grades 1 -3

Please ask your child to teach you "Je vous salue, Marie" and "Benis Seigneur" as well as "O Canada"; they love to show off their skills. We had been practising hand washing steps, while singing "Frère Jacques" (2x); y'all remember "Frère Jacques" love to "teach" it!! Lavez-vous les mains!
Under the Learn at Home Tab of our school board site, you will find many resources under the French tab ( There will be some overlap with my FUN LINKS page, but also a broad range of new resources. Choose whichever suits you and your family best right now.  Later during the week, look for updates here from me; I will make further suggestions.

Prenez soins de vous/Take care of yourselves