Moyen Devoirs/Tâches//Junior Homework/Tasks

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30 mars, 2020
Grades 4 - 6
As well as accessing the FUN LINKS page, you may want to explore some of the learning activities identified on our school board site (under the Learn at Home - French tab)
Some activities will overlap with those on the FUN LINKS page; please choose one or two sites to access otherwise you will become overwhelmed - not the goal; we want to stay motivated and engaged in learning/teaching.  (I will be posting specific tasks/lessons at a later date.)  Try some of the exercices with a sibling or parent; challenge each other to increase your vocabulary or read a short story or text.  There are simple comprehension questions to answer and immediate feedback for instant reward.

Remember to access our "bon ami" (good friend)

Souvenez-vous de vous laver les mains en chantant le Frère Jacques.

Students will benefit from 10-15 minutes of play daily on one of the French game links!