Moyen Devoirs/Tâches//Junior Homework/Tasks

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Reminder: you need a 1 - 1.5 inch binder and 3 dividers

Junior students attend French classes 2-3 times per week (depending on A day/B day calendar); postings will appear bi-weekly.

Please access the Fun Links pages to explore games, activities and just have with French on-line.

Students will benefit from 10-15 minutes of play daily on one of the French game links!

Grades 4 - 6 (novembre/décembre)
 We have been working on simple greetings and permissions as well as some themed vocabulary (L'action de Grâce/Thanksgiving, L'Hallowe'en and Jour de Souvenir/Remembrance Day). Vocabulary acquisiton is very important; there are anchor charts posted in the classroom to provide visual cues for students and they should access the Fun Links sites and sites/apps used during class.  Access to and play with vocabulary helps to build confidence as well as skills.
We are working on our reading and writing skills as well; we will continue with simple texts in a variety of genres. Oral communication is the major focus and students are encouraged to take risks to participate in whole and small group conversational activities.
Mme. Moreau's grade 3/4 class is working on a play called "Comment y aller?" and Mme. St. Amour's grade 5/6 class is working on a play called "Arbre Ungali".
All junior classes will be working on Xmas songs and stories during December. There will also be some "bricolage" activities.