Bienvenue à la classe Française

Novembre 2019

As well as French, we will be exploring some Ojibwe language and traditions especially those that blend beautifully with our Catholic faith traditions.  We always incorporate the use of ASL into our French work as our programme is based on AIM (Accelerated Integrated Method) which relies on the use of gestures to accelerate learning.

FSL workshops (for extra help, assignment completion and/or enrichment) will occur during 1st Nutrition Break from 10:55 - 11:15 in room 219.  Generally, workshops are for grades 4 - 8 only; occasionally, grade 3 is invited to a dedicated workshop.

Please check the appropriate page for updates on your child's class.

Primary/Primaire (for grades 1-3)
Junior/Moyens (grades 4-6)
Intermediate/Intermediare (grades 7-8, although Mme. Taylor's 6/7 class is considered Intermediate)

Ask your Intermediate student about the Student Exchange presentation and opportunities.  If you need information please contact me (705 326 2331 rm 219); also, visit my Fun Links site for links to CPF (Canadian Parents for French) and Edu-Inter (an international camp program based in Quebec city).