Mrs. Moreau's Grade 3/4 Class 

Week of October 14-18, 2019

Important Dates:
October 21st - P.A. Day

Language Arts

Reader's Workshop: This week, students will review the characteristics of plot. Students will work in whole class, cooperative groups, and individually to read short stories. Students will demonstrate an understanding of plot structure by analyzing a several short stories. Finally, students will use a Plot Diagram interactive tool as a prewriting activity for a written response that traces plot structure in a short story.

Daily 5: As part of our Daily 5 rotations, students will participate in five independent activities over the course of the week: Read to Self, Read with Someone, Word Work, Listen to Reading, and Work on Writing. Students will also meet with a teacher several times each week for Guided Reading.

Novel Study: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Students will listen to and respond to the text in a variety of ways including multiple choice questions, short answer questions and performance tasks. Students will continue to use evidence from the text to support their answers. This week, students will be asked to design and write about a new chocolate bar that would make Willy Wonka proud. Students will need to decide who the chocolate bar it for, what happens when someone eats it, what ingredients it contains and what is the name of this new creation. Students will also design a wrapper for their chocolate bar and come up with a creative slogan to market their treat.

Word Work/Grammar: Each morning, students will complete a Daily Language Review task. The questions cover grammar, conventions, spelling, vocabulary word meaning and relationships. 

Spelling: As it is a short week, students will not receive a new list of Spelling words. This week, students will review previously taught words using a variety of interactive strategies.


This week, students will link fictional narrative writing to stories they have previously read. After participating in a variety of learning tasks, students will be asked to re-read one of the selected stories and take one of two approaches: 1) Retell it from a different point of view, or 2) Extend it. Students will use story mapping to effectively plan their new narrative before writing.


  • This week, students will review addition and subtraction strategies (mental math strategies, Base Ten models, standard algorithms) in preparation for our upcoming quiz (Friday, October 18th). 
  • Students will practice counting forward by 1’s, 2’s, 5’s, 10’s, 100’s to 1000 and backward by 2’s, 5’s, 10’s, from 100 and by 100’s from 1000.
  • Students will add and subtract money amounts to $10 (Grade 3) and $100 (Grade 4) using simulated purchases.

Social Studies

This week, Grade 3 students will continue to explore the relationships between work and natural resources in the Canadian Shield.

Grade 4 students will continue to study the Interior Plains and the human activities that take place there. Students will investigate how we can use natural resources to meet our needs and wants while protecting the environment. Students will evaluate the effects that drilling for oil has on the environment.

Physical Education

This week, students will learn what a throw-in pass is, when it is used, and proper placement of the throw-in pass. Students will also demonstrate their ability to shoot a soccer ball into a goal or at a target. Students will use the skills taught to score goals in a small-sided game.

Art (moved from last week)

This week, students will learn about the famous artist Wassily Kandinsky. We will work with oil pastels to create a work of art inspired by Kandisnsky’s Concentric Circles. Students will apply their knowledge of the colour wheel and complementary colours to this art project.

Religion and Family Life

This week, students will explore the Bible as God's Word. Students will come to understand what sacred scripture means. Students will explore the similarities and differences between the Old Testament and New Testament. Students will also discuss how the Bible guides us. Students will also learn about the saints who wrote the four Gospels, the Evangelists. Students will come to understand what the Gospel teaches us.