Primaire Devoirs/Tâches//Primary Homework/Tasks (Grades 1-3)

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Primary students attend French class 2-3 times per week (depending on A day/B day calendar) - postings will be bi-weekly. 
Please access Fun Links pages to explore games and activities on-line to build skills, confidence and to just have fun with French!

Grades 1 -3 (novembre/décembre)
We continue to learn about colours, shapes, numbers and basic greetings through story, song and interactive games and activities.
We will be exploring vocabulary, songs and stories surrounding Xmas culture over the next month. We will also be doing some "bricolage" in the French classroom in preparation for our religious celebrations.
Please ask you child to teach you "Je vous salue, Marie" and "Benis Seigneur" as well as "O Canada"; they love to show off their skills.