Bienvenue à la classe Française

(This site is constantly under construction; your patience is appreciated)

During the next few weeks, I will post some activities and suggestions to help maintain your child's learning until we can regather in our own space again.  The most useful page is the FUN LINKS page as it provides access to sites that always help build skills, vocabulary and confidence. 
Please let me know if some of the sites or Apps are no longer accessible/functioning; it is challenging to stay on top of all the changes as student needs change constantly as well.  If you and/or your child discover a new site or find a particular site useful (and fun), please let me know and I will add it to our FUN LINKS page.

In addition to the FUN LINKS page, please access the Learn at Home tab of our school board web site.  There are some excellent interactive learning activities available; nevertheless, it is very easy to become overwhelmed with the wealth of material, so just pick one site per day or two. 
Over time, I will suggest specific activities for your child to do (based on the current grade level or division).
Some of the activities can be done with siblings from different grades and/or as family groups.
in between laver les mains! (wash your hands)

Emails regarding this web page are the only ones I am able to access at this time. (

Please check the appropriate page (on left of menu) for updates on your child's class.

Primary/Primaire (for grades 1-3)
Junior/Moyens (grades 4-6)
Intermediate/Intermediare (grades 7-8, although Mme. Taylor's 6/7 class is considered Intermediate)

Ask your Intermediate student about the Student Exchange presentation and opportunities.  Information regarding programming and costs are available on the following sites