Intermediare Devoirs/Tâches//Intermediate Homework/Tasks
Learn Intermediare

Students should be doing 15 minutes review/practice daily (The Fun Links page will lead to games and activities to help with daily practice).  Student pairs/groups are responsible for opening routines which include prayer, the date, weather and interesting facts and/or questions to inform/enhance learning.
Regarding homework:
If your child has made a genuine attempt to complete any assigned tasks for a solid 15 minute period without success, please allow your child to write (Aidez moi svp) on the assigned work or in the agenda, sign it and I will provide assistance to your child.  No one needs to feel anxious or upset about the attempt or (in)completion of French homework.

Grades 6/7 Mme. Taylor & 7/8 M. Ayers (novembre/décembre)

As we progress through November and into December we will work on and submit some mini-tasks that focus on Conversational Interaction, as well as some reading and writing work regarding the use & placement of adjectives, adverbs and appropriate use of accents and correct spelling.  We will talk, read and write about our Catholic Christmas values and traditions as we learn about the use of accents to aid pronunciation in reading/speaking and improve writing abilities.  We will work on whole group and independent writing tasks.  Short dialogues will be submitted for assessment and evaluation as well.  We will meld our exploration of Ojibwe language and traditions as well as ASL to improve our understanding of the many communities around us.

Please remind your child (children) to attempt to participate fully in the program to ensure academic success. It is best that your child submits partially completed work rather than nothing.

The Intermediate classes have been very busy establishing routines, learning basic useful expressions to ensure use of our target language, building vocabulary and recording dialogues. Over the next few weeks we will explore themes and celebrations, attend a Student Exchange Presentation and focus on developing our reading and writing skills.  As always, speaking French is our primary goal.