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30 mars, 2020

For both Intermediate classes, I am suggesting the same activities/tasks/learning opportunities at this time.  Over the coming days, these suggestions may become tasks.  Challenging times ahead for everyone, so let's focus on underscoring skills we've already been acquiring.  I suggest that you start with our classroom routine of prayer, the date and weather.  Y'all know these things (or you and a friend/sibling can help each other).
Since French is an everyday subject in this division, I suggest that you continue to access learning for 20-30 minutes a day.  There are a wide variety of lessons/games/texts available from the Learn at Home -French tab on our school board website
Combined with the activities on my FUN LINKS page, there is enough variety to suit all students. 

Choose one or two sites and explore some lessons/games/activities that you find suitable to your learning needs.  Stay encouraged; remember to take a deep breath before you attempt a task, especially if it seems challenging to you.
Also, keep in mind that you can always access

Amusez-vous, prenez soin de vous!