Week of June 18-22, 2018

Areas of Focus this Week:

Reader's Workshop: 
1. Reading and responding to nonfiction articles 
2. Guided and Independent Reading 
3. How to write a Reading Response letter for Independent Reading

Writer's Workshop:
1. Explanation writing
2. Free writes (with a focus on description)

Spelling (Review list - vowels and silent consonants): 
- New Spelling list: heavy, maybe, myself, sometime, softly, useful, watch, whole, couldn't, eight, caught, writing

- Punctuation review (homonyms - words that are pronounced the same but have different spellings and different meanings)

- Review of key concepts from the various math strands:
Monday: Number Sense and Numeration
Tuesday: Geometry
Wednesday: Data Management
Thursday: Measurement
Friday: Patterning and Algebra

Social Studies:
- Students will learn about the different First Nations groups in early Canada, their interactions with early settlers and their contributions to Canada as a nation.

Music (continued from last week):
- Students will learn a new bucket drumming song called "Bucket of Blues" by reading and playing rhythm notation.

Art (continued from last week):
- Detailed object drawings

Religion/Family Life:
- Students will come to understand being created in God's image does not mean we are created to look like God. God made us in his image so that we can come to know Him by living in love and community with Him and with each other. Students will learn the ways we are like God.

Looking forward to another exciting week!
Mrs. A. Moreau