Week of January 14-18, 2019

Upcoming Events:
January 16 - DARE program (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) starts for students in Grade 6
February 1 - P.A. Day
February 18 - Family Day

Language Arts

Reader's Workshop:
- Novel Study: The Breadwinner
- Collaborative Short Story Review Project
- Independent reading for Amazon Review (Book Report Task)
- Review of main idea and theme

Writer's Workshop: 
- Analysis of persuasive writing samples
- Review of writing effective hooks, organization, persuasive techniques, dealing with counter-arguments and writing powerful conclusions
- Students will select a topic to research and write a persuasive argument on for their speech (culminating task)


- Performance task for perimeter and area
- Data management: collecting and interpreting data

Social Studies 
- Students will complete a unit review task this week

Religion/Family Life
- Students will continue to explore the Mysteries of Jesus' hidden life by learning about Jesus' flight into Egypt and life in Nazareth

Phys. Ed.
- Fitness tasks

- Musical fairy tale task

- Abstract pastel art