Monday, January 26 (Mrs. Anthony at in-service today)

List 18: Arctic, ice, ocean, little, truck, float
Homework: finish Arctic Word Search
(includes List 17, List 18 and our Winter Words brainstorm list, find as many as you can!)

Friday, January 23
-no homework assigned for week-end

Thursday, January 22

-review for Spelling Quiz tomorrow

-today students were sharing information about a website called "Earth Rangers",  it was optional to record this in their agendas
-some students have joined this organization and other students expressed interest in joining as well
-this website is shared as an optional activity not homework!
"Become an Earth Ranger to save animals, complete animal saving missions, earn rewards and badges, unlock Freebies, play games, watch videos and ..."

Wednesday, January 21

-be sure to check Home Page for First Communion information

Homework: review spelling words

(optional ideas-I encouraged students to share their Inuit syllabic alphabet with you. They are working on translating their own name! Also, some students may wish to do a rough draft of their "ARCTIC COMMUNITIES" title page.)

Tuesday, January 20

List 17 -please note corrections to this week's list
1) word change -please "get rid" of
sweater and substitute "coat"  (with the winter we are having it makes much more sense!!)
2) Also, I included "hat" twice and omitted "mittens." We adjusted our list in class today.

Check out our Winter pictures! Notice the snowcat, the snow sheriff and the snowman with a blue cellphone!

Homework: brainstorm "winter words" (e.g., cold, ice, blizzard) and record on your snowflake

Monday, January 19

List 17: Winter Clothes! hat, scarf, coat, earmuffs, pants, socks, boots, mittens (REVISED LIST)

-review spelling words by labeling picture of boy in winter clothes

Friday, January 16

-no homework assigned  (or give them change to count and divide into equal amounts)

Thanks to all the parents who sent in generous amounts of buttons and string and yarn and doodads and gems and glitter and marshmallows and so on!! The snow community of people, snow cats and snow dogs looks great!

Thursday, January 15

Math: money page, counting by nickels, dimes, quarters (given out at home time, all students have homework tonight)

No spelling quiz this week. The money words are not "Grade 2"  but we are becoming familiar with them through our math unit, and word study. 

Wednesday, January 14

-finish Money Math pg. 70 & 71 in Homework Book (most finished today in class)

MASS  tomorrow at 9:30 a.m. ALL WELCOME

-return book bags; Reading Assembly this Friday!

Tuesday, January 13  ** check the photo gallery**

MONEY WORDS: money, toonie, loonie, quarter,dime, nickel, penny

Math-finish pages 67 & 68 if Math Homework Book if you did not finish in class today (working on money, practice counting by 5's, 10's, 25's very useful)

-start collecting small items for our Snowman art
(e.g., buttons, raisins, ribbon, yarn, string, etc...no nuts, no food that will rot)
-we will be making our snowmen and snowflakes on Friday so they have a few days to collect their items

 Monday, January 12

Math: finish pg. 69 in math homework book

-start collecting small items for our Snowman art
(e.g., buttons, raisins, ribbon, yarn, string, etc...no nuts, no food that will rot)

Thursday, January 8, 2015

-review spelling words for quiz tomorrow
-draw and label coins equal to or less than $2.00-label each coin  (e.g., twoonie or $2.00 coin, picture found on each side)

** New Year's Resolutions-we discussed New Year's Resolutions today and I suggested that we each come up with an idea or resolution that would involve being kinder to others, taking care of our environment (classroom, home or the world), or making the classroom a more pleasant and happy place to be. I think they are struggling with the word "resolution" and its meaning. I will give more class time for this activity tomorrow. When we discuss being kind to others, being helpful etc... they are full of ideas, but by adding the word resolution they are stumped!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

In Social Studies we are comparing New Year's traditions around the world, with specific references to Canada, France, China, Japan, Russia and Australia. Tomorrow we will be talking about and making some New Year's Resolutions! (my focus will be on school behaviour and work habits-surprise!)

** '
outside' was removed from the Spelling List as students were quick to remind me that it was already "done" and on the Word Wall:)

Homework: finish sheet on time or check it over if it is already done

Tuesday, January 6, 2015
Welcome back and Happy New Year!

Spelling List for this week:
List 15:  knew, new, outside, hurt, joke, mail
(will also be reviewing know/no and other antonyms, and other compound words outside/inside)

Monday, January 5, 2015


Put spelling words in alphabetical order.

-math games-adding and subtracting,
-"doubles facts" to 20,
 - telling time (digital and analog, the hour, and the quarter past, half past and quarter to the hour are Grade 2 expectations)


Thursday, December 18

-no homework assigned (as you know they are VERY excited)
-we will do review activities with the spelling words for this week before the quiz tomorrow

I have strongly encouraged every student to take 2-3 books in his/her book bag for the holidays. Please encourage a few re-reads over the holidays. They can dazzle Gramma and Grandpa or aunties and uncles with their reading.

Also, a suggestion for a Christmas gift if you happen to be looking for an idea -"smelly markers!!!" (Mr. Sketch Scented Markers) They are very popular. So popular that the few owners of these treasured items are quite innudated by requests to borrow them, and at times I have had to ban lending and sharing when demands got out of hand and disrupted work.

Wednesday December 17

-no homework (many families will be at the concert)

Tuesday, December 16

-find rhyming words for Spelling Words #1-5 : who, what , why, where, when

Monday, December 15 -only 10 more days!

no homework assigned this evening (too busy painting today to get our words down in the agenda!)

LIst 15: who, what , why, where, when, and were

The class is creating a "craft-y" Christmas gift for parents.
I am as
king for $3.00 to help cover the cost of purchasing and decorating this item.
(don't ask what it is, you have to wait until Christmas!)
If your child would like to make two, one for each household, I have ordered some extras, please let me know. ($6 for two)
Thanks to everyone who has already sent in their $$.

Do not worry, I will have everyone making one, even if they forget their money!

Friday, December 12

-as usual, no homework assigned over the week-end,  however, a few ideas ......use the computer, flash cards, playing cards, plain old fashioned pencil and paper....

Thursday, December 11

-Spelling Quiz tomorrow

Wednesday, December 10

Telling Time-use the clocks sent home to identify dinner time, bedtime, breakfast time and one other significant time at your home (e.g., hockey, skating, dance, music lesson etc..)

-review spelling words

Tuesday, December 9

-no homework assigned today

-the class is creating a "craft-y" Christmas gift for parents,
-I am as
king for $3.00 to help cover the cost of purchasing and decorating this item
(don't ask what it is, you have to wait until Christmas!
also, if your child would like to make 2, one for each household I have ordered some extra, please let me know)

Monday, December 8-Bake Sale tomorrow!

List 14-Merry Christmas, Jesus, snow, stocking, Santa Claus, Rudolph
1) illustrate your words
2) find another word that contains "ph" that sounds like "f"
-students have a chart in their Word Work book that we started today
some examples; Rudolph, Joseph, elephant, telephone

Thursday, December 4

-spelling quiz tomorrow - List 13 

Wednesday, December 3

-no homework assigned but check out the Photo Gallery:)

Reading Awards will be given out again this Friday, look for your child's photo! A special thank-you to Mr. Leger for showing me how to add photos to the gallery, and let's hope my photography skills improve.

-Tuesday, December 2
-write each list word on graph paper (provided)
-we are working on improving neatness, so each letter should fill one box if it is a lower case letter
-tall letters (e.g., l, t, h) should have a top part that extends up one full box
-letters with a tail (p, g, y) should have a tail that extends down one full box
(see example printed on their graph paper :

Monday, December 1

List 13: colour, favourite, phone, play, made, two, too , to
-use spelling words in sentences

I did say they could use two words in one sentence. e.g.,) "My favourite colour is red."

-finish Advent picture "Week 1 of Advent"
-students were drawing either an Advent Wreath or one purple Advent Candle

Thursday, November 27
-no homework assigned as most of class will be at Ste. Marie this evening
-we will have our spelling quiz tomorrow, but we will review beforehand (a compound word!!)

Wednesday, November 26
**Return all book bags so I can update your Nights of Reading tracking. Assembly next week!**
-no homework assigned

Tuesday, November 25

Sorry for any confusion with last night's homework. I meant for students to "break" our compound words into the two root words ie., in, side,/ out, side,/ every, one,/ some, times, / in, to/
Secondly, they were to find  & record other compound words. (not create from our list words) e.g., somewhere, anyhow, footbball, baseball, lifetime, slapshot, clockwork, someone,
I asked them to find five.

I am trying to help students differentiate between compound words ( 2 complete words that together form a new but related word) and multi-syllabic words. (have more than one sound but, when broken up, each syllable does NOT make a new word
e.g., yes-ter-day)

-use each list word in a sentence in Word Work notebook or homework notebook

Monday, November 24

List 12 (compound words) into, inside, outside, sometimes, everyone

Homework: break the compound words into 2 words
-make a list of 5 new compound words


List 11: clock, eye, every, found, here, I, small

Spelling homework : for the following words create Word Families or Rhyming Words lists: clock, found, small

-no class homework assigned , a few students have work to catch up on 

-please return forms that either confirm or offer interview time


Thank you to all the families who replied so promptly to the Parent -Teacher Conference note. 

Spelling Quiz tomorrow.

Reading Assembly is happening every other week, so, no assembly tomorrow. Students are quite excited to be receiving certificates and incentives. Next week the Reading Assembly will take place on Thursday, as Friday is the PA day.  Many students are close to, or at ten nights of reading. Please support them so they can receive their certificate next week!

Family Gathering: either Sunday, Nov. 16 @ 2:00 or Monday, Nov. 17 @ 7:00 
-bring your child and Reconciliation Workbook
-at Guardian Angel's

Guardian Angel's -Monday, November 24 @ 7:00
St. Columbkille's -Tuesday, November 25 @ 7:00
St. Francis-Wednesday, November 26 @ 7:00

Tonight I am sending a reminder of the time you chose for our Parent-Teacher Conference, or, if you were unable to attend the Fall Open House, two blocks of time to choose from. Notes are stapled into agendas. Please confirm that your pre-selected time is still good for you, or indicate that you would like a new time. If you have not got a time yet, please choose a time from the options provided. 
TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 11, 2012 We Remember

-read Remembrance Day booklet to mom or dad, please return to school tomorrow


Remembrance Day Service tomorrow at 9:30 Families welcome.
School Mass Friday @ 9:30

List 10 : it's, people, how, jump, rain
make "Word Pyramids" with spelling words

-no homework
Great job reading Grade 2!! Today several students received their certificate for ten nights of reading, and three students have  reached twenty-five nights of reading.


-spelling quiz tomorrow

-Advent Mass invitations sent out yesterday, please let us know if you did not receive one from your youngest or only child here at the school

I did have to clarify with students today that we are tracking "nights of reading" not "number of books read." We are doing this in an attempt to strike a balance between older and younger students. An older student may read for 20-30 minutes in a lengthy novel. A younger student may read 2, 3 or 4 small books in the same 20 minute period. Both students are credited with "one night of reading." 


Thank you to all parents who are taking the time to jot in agenda "Practiced addition facts with cards" or "Practiced doubles orally with dad" I appreciate it!!

-tonight: make word puzzles (each student was given a baggie and 5 word strips to make 5 word puzzies as a review activity, we will glue them tomorrow , or they can glue them down tonight)


-practice addition facts to 20 (use playing cards, dice, a computer game or 'plain ole' paper and pencil) 

Just a note, if spelling sentences are assigned as a word review students should be writing sentences in their notebook. Some activities, such as the word puzzles, paint or chalk, don't fit in the notebook, but if the activity assigned will fit in the notebook I do send it home to be used. Thanks. Mrs. A.


LIST 9-didn't , get ,  gate , green , have

-put words into sentences

Special reminder

Picture Retakes will be done this coming Friday, Nov. 7

-please put a note in your child's agenda if you want a retake


-no homework!! wwoooohhhhhooo! Happy Hallowe'en


-no homework assigned today, everyone busy getting costumes ready!

-spelling quiz completed today


-only 2 more days to Hallowe'en!!!!! Eeeeek! Very excited about it, here in Grade 2!

-some students have still not returned the math sheet (doubles practice) that was homework from Friday, due Monday, Oct. 27

-tonight students have a Hallowe'en shape to use to practice their spelling words

-remember; Thursday is Book Bag check in day (where I check total # of nights read) 

Our next Reading Assembly will be Friday, Nov. 7. By this time I expect most of the class will receive their TEN NIGHTS OF READING CERTIFICATE.

**Sending in Hallowe'en treats for the class? Remember they must be peanut free!!! **


-no homework assigned

Reminders: Tuesdays are our library book exchange day, however students are welcome to keep their book longer if they are not finished. 

Photo money due October 30 if you would like to order pictures. 

Thank you to all the families who have already sent in sponsor money for the Dance-a-thon on Friday, Oct. 31. We will be movin' and groovin' from 10:00-10:55 a.m.


List 8: bug, car, drinking, eating, said, was 

over half the class did not complete and/or return their math page from Friday so no new work assigned tonight, please complete and return math page sent on Friday

** if students have any Hallowe'en doodads (foam shapes etc) from dollar store they would look lovely on our

Hallowe-en paper bag puppets!


-my apologies for poorly made Word Search! I know everyone got a really good review while searching so hard, between the computer and photocopier (and maybe some human error too) there were words missing or chopped off

-finish Doubles Practice page if not already done



-study for spelling quiz (complete word search as a review method)

**Please bring your Book Bag back today. Our First Literacy Assembly will take place on Friday, Oct. 24!! Students who have parent signatures for ten nights of reading will get their reading certificate. There will be small rewards and incentives as we reach 25 nights of reading and so on!! St. Bernard's students love to read:)**


-play NIM with mom or dad or big brother or sister (counting and strategy game, we played in Math today and the game is explained on the game sheet as well)


LIST 7 : black, children, house, thank, thing

Hallowe'en (challenge word)

-from today; finish using each List 7 word in a sentence, 

-be sure every sentence starts with a capital letter and has appropriate punctuation

-review words (your choice of method-type out on computer, bubble letters, paint, play-doh, glue and salt!)

** bring a beautiful red maple leaf if you can find one, we got some lovely ones, but we need more to complete our flag**


There is no particular homework assigned for the week end, however most students did bring a new book or two home in their book bags. You may notice that your child has chosen a non-fiction book this week. We are reading more non-fiction materials and discussing how fiction and non-fiction differ. You may also notice that your child needs more support with a non-fiction book, as non-fiction often presents more new vocabulary. Feel free to read to your son or daughter, or to give support on challenging words. Thanks for supporting the Home Reading Program!

Next Friday we will have our first Reading Assembly and each student that has read on ten evenings will receive their certificate. I will be keeping track of nights of reading (all classes participating in this) and at certain benchmarks there will be small incentives and rewards. At the end of the year their Reading Certificate will be included in their Report Card envelope. 

-bring in 1 or 2 beautiful red maple leaves ( we are going to make a Canadian flag with maple leaves as part of Social Studies work on communities across Canada)

-some students will bring home their Word Search to complete (optional)


-review for quiz tomorrow ("Garfield" sheet sent home for a practice quiz given by mom or dad


-add to Thanksgiving story

Today we started a story about Thanksgiving with our families. We brainstormed a number of high frequency "Thanksgiving words" (e.g., turkey, potatoes, cousins, etc) and shared the events of our Thanksgiving long week-end. Students had time in class to start their stories. Many created a food list rather than a story. If their work so far is in list form they should put their ideas into sentences. Tonight they are to add to their story. I would like them to add more detail and describe not just what they ate, but also who they saw and what they did. Do not worry too much about spelling. Tomorrow we will edit and revise in class. 


-this week is a "Review Week" for our spelling lists

-each student has their own "review list" of mistakes from quizzes

-if students have 5 perfect quizzes they are to create their own "Challenge List" of 5 words they would like to learn 

-I have suggested their street name, friends' names, pet names, the word Ontario, or Earth (both of which are occurring in Social Studies right name)

-each student should have a list of a minimum of 5 words; if they have 2 mistakes from previous quizzes they can add 3 "challenge words" to have a list of 5 words to study this week

Homework assignment-make sure you have 5 words, all spelled correctly

-get Word Work notebook signed (at the back where quizzes are found)

-make word puzzles (cue cards provided)

**copies of Stone Soup, and How Full is Your Bucket are coming home for you to enjoy with your child:) **


-no homework assigned but Book Bags were sent

-please enjoy long week-end

-Stone Soup was a great success, thanks to all! I will let students take turns bringing the book home next week to share the story with you!


-Spelling Quiz tomorrow

-Stone Soup


-get math quiz signed (doubles facts) if you did not do that on Tuesday night

 -don't forget about picture day!

-most students exchanged books in their book bags, please keep until Tuesday

On Friday we will be making Stone Soup. This activity is based on a story that emphasizes sharing and being generous. Unfortunately I forgot to send the note home tonight. If you are able send a vegetable with your child on Friday it will be added to the soup as we share the story. The soup will then simmer until second nutrition and we will share the result. Each child would only need to contribute a small amount ( 2 potatoes, a few carrots etc) to make the Stone Soup. I will provide a few secret ingredients to liven up the Stone Soup (should be suspiciously like a Chicken Noodle style soup)

Happy Thanksgiving!


-review spelling

-get math quiz signed (doubles facts)


List 5: are, city, first, last, next, Orillia bonus word Canada

Review words

Fall paintings turned out beautifully, very colourful and not too many stained clothes went home. 


We are painting on Monday!

-don't wear your favourite new shirt even though the paint is washable, or, bring an old t-shirt to put on over other clothes, it shouldn't be that messy but.....

Food Drive continues until Oct. 10


-spelling quiz tomorrow (This week's words are; about, because, before,could, don't, was)

-some students have math if not completed today, or a review page

FOOD DRIVE to help restock Food Bank before Thanksgiving is being run by Mme. L'Esperance in French


I am away Wednesday attending an inservice. I have told supply teacher "no homework assigned tonight", other than reading which can be a given on any night. I have also told supply teacher not to try to sign out new books. The new routine is still a challenge for all of us, and book sign out makes the end of day very hectic.


Spelling- put your word puzzle together again, and glue it down on paper given or in a notebook

Read and record on your Reading Log


Home Reading Program starts tonight, read from your book bag, get an adult or big brother or sister to listen and sign your Reading Log! READ ON!

Word Work: List 4: about, because, before, could, don't, was

-students  made word cards and cut them out

Homework: reassemble your List 4 Word Puzzles at least two times


-no homework, told students they could leave their agendas at school

(working on art right up to 3:10)


-practice new spelling words

List 3:







-if you had any errors on your spelling test practice the words over the week-end

-returnTerry Fox money, agenda money


-study for spelling quiz (sorry, forgot to post this but it was in agendas)


-practice math fact "doubles" from one to ten

for example:





-finish Word Search (contains List One and List Two words plus some names)

-finish ALL ABOUT ME booklet (most have finished this in class)

-book orders due this Friday, September 19


-agendas $5

New words for the week: sister, brother, school, gym, write

-finish 100 Chart (many are finished this chart, we have worked on it in class several days)


**agendas-$5 please

**collecting small yogurt containers for paint

Great job on the spelling tests Grade 2! Your studying at home paid off. Share your spelling test at home.

Book bags will start going home next week.

September 25-save the date-Meet the Teacher Evening-5:00-7:00 pm


Review your spelling words

some suggestions:  (get creative!!)

-write your words and trace with multi-colours

-write your words in fancy lettering (bubble letters) 

-make your words with letters cut out of a magazine or the newspaper and glue on a piece of paper

-use each word in a sentence

-write a story using the spelling words

**students were also asked to bring their "proof" that they reviewed their words, the review could be on scrap paper



-review our Words of the Week or Spelling Words (have been added to Word Wall)






To review-say the word, cover the word, spell out loud, write the word, check