FRIDAY, MAY 15-no homework for the week-end

Reminders: Spring Pictures or Picture orders to be returned
Jump Rope for Heart sponsorships returned or completed on line


-there will be some pre-packaged peanut-free/nut-free treats available so students with nut allergies can participate
-I would like to ask parents to limit children to $1 or $2 only ( and maybe an extra $1 for the cake raffle -it would be helpful if this were noted in the agenda so I can encourage them to stick to the "plan")
-items are very reasonably priced and students with $5 or $10 are spending almost all of it and have far more than they can eat, or they are eating a very large quantity of treats

 Wednesday, May 13

-today Spring pictures and sibling photos sent home, also several math pages that have been marked recently

HOMEWORK: math page (blue, double sided) on fractions

Tuesday, May 12

Preview spelling words

Monday, May 11

List 29: please, thank you, what, these, those, because  (commonly used and most often spelled wrong)

Reading Assembly this Friday

-some students have work from last week to catch up on, otherwise no specific homework assigned,
**  new spelling list sent home, and Reading Assembly reminder**

Friday, May 8

To all mothers-hope your little gift made it home safely, and have a wonderful Sunday.

God Bless Mothers everywhere
Mrs. Anthony

Wednesday, May 6
review spelling words-your choice of activity

**Reminder to all students and parents: toys for school should be outdoor toys, many other small items coming to school and being "smuggled" into room, I am telling students they must stay in backpack until recess and/or sending some home, some students had 10-20 toys and small items in their desks & these have been sent home this week

Tuesday, May 5

Math page 232 and 233 in the Math Makes Sense Student Workbook
(instructions for page 232 are on page 233, the instructions are quite lengthy, if we were doing it together at school I would be reading directions aloud and encouraging students to listen carefully and follow the directions, please feel free to read directions aloud)

Monday, May 4

List 28: one, two, who, want, wanted, why, won't
-no homework assigned, we copied the list twice (agenda and notebook) and did sentences plus a spelling activity today

Thursday, April 30

spelling quiz tomorrow