Friday, April 17
Don't forget, Monday, April 20 is a PA day!
This week we read traditional tales and created a puppet for the characters in the story. We will be acting out the stories next week, using our puppets. Two groups have books with the story written as both a story and a play (The Three Billy Goats Gruff, and Androcles and the Lion) Students in these two groups were asked to take their book home and read over their part. They do not have to memorize it, but they should be familiar with it and read fluently and with expression. That means you Big Billy Goat Gruff!! Find a big, loud voice! Other groups are using a traditional tale (The City Mouse and the Country Mouse) as a basis for their play and creating their own lines. They did not have a book to practice from this week-end. Finally, a few students read a non-fiction book and will present facts about themselves as a book character. (shark, polar bear) "Shark" and "polar bears" could work on collecting 3 or 4 interesting facts.

Spelling Quiz will occur on Tuesday. It was a busy day trying to get our puppets finished and attending the reading assembly and the spelling quiz was forgetten by Mrs. Anthony!

Enjoy the long week end. 

Thursday, April 16

Spelling Quiz tomorrow
Complete both Food Guide pages and return to school tomorrow


Wednesday, April 15

Review spelling words

Each student received two pages, one is called MY FOOD GUIDE SERVINGS TRACKER-they are to just "check off" what food groups they have chosen from for today.

The second page has more blank space, with room to record everything they eat. This second page will be tomorrow's homework. On Friday both pages should be returned to school for discussion.

Monday, April 13

List 26:
stop, will, very, slow, tell, them, then
In word work notebook finish using each word in a sentence. (started in class)
Use each word to build a word pyramid.


Friday, April 10

Once again I must apologize. This website has not been working and although I have been posting homework it did not "publish" or show up. Hopefully this situation has been remedied once and for all. No homework this week-end but almost all students continue to have challenges with regrouping - practice !

Tuesday, March 31-tonight Arctic Animal Research projects and letter sent home, also Vesey Seeds and Bulbs Fundraiser paper work

No Homework assigned

Monday, March 30

List 25: hour, our, sports, there, their, they're
Homework: use each word in a sentence, be sure the sentences indicate the different meanings

Friday, March 27
-no homework assigned
-website is still "glitchy" I did post Thursday's homework last night, but it was not visible when I logged in today. Again, I apologize for any frustation you may be experiencing.

Thursday, March 26
-review for spelling test

Wednesday, March 25

No homework tonight. We were busy measuring until the very last minute. (no homework assigned yesterday as I was away at a Math inservice)

Monday, March 23, 2015  Welcome back!

List 24: won, one, pretty, more, people, quit
(also reviewing List 23 as many were away week before the break)

List 23 beautiful, junk, more, or, other, said

Homework: use List 24 words in proper sentences with a capital letter, and punctuation at the end
-we are also learning that a sentence has a NOUN and a VERB


When I logged in today I saw that yesterday's post is not here. I guess our webpage problems are not completely solved! Hopefully this makes it into "publication mode!" Yesterday I said how proud I was of the Grade 2 class. They did a wonderful job with the Mass. The only homework was to review for today's spelling quiz.

Over the break there is no "homework" assigned. However, I did encourage all students who had their book bag either here at school to take a few books home and keep up their reading. Have a wonderful holiday and enjoy the ever warmer weather!

Wednesday, March 11

To all Parents/Guardians: The Lost and Found has been laid out on tables in our hallway. I had students walk and look and many items were retrieved. If you are able, please come and take a look. Two tables full of sweatshirts and jackets and a box full of mittens and hats!

Readers for the Mass-please practice one more time, read a little more slowly than usual

Homework: do one activity with your spelling words; some suggestions-bubble letters, rainbow letters, sparkly glue letters, word pyramids, cut the letters out the newspaper and glue to a page to make each word, or just copy your words on a piece of paper, or recopy in agenda.....surprise me!

Tuesday, March 10

Winter Carnival Wednesday, March 11
-each family to send one package of peanut/nut free cookies
-please send extra socks and mittens !!

Thank you to all the families who have returned report card slips. A few still to come....

On Thursday, March 12 the Grade 2 class will be leading the school Mass. All invited! 9:30 a.m.

Monday, March 9

Winter Carnival Wednesday, March 11
-each family to send one package of peanut/nut free cookies

If you have not already done so, please sign and return report card slip. 

List 23 beautiful, junk, more, or, other, said

Friday, March 6

Thank you for your patience! After two weeks of troubles I believe the website is functioning again.

On Thursday, March 12 the Grade 2 class will be leading the school Mass. All invited! 9:30 a.m.

Homework: if you have a speaking role in the Mass please practice over the week-end

-practice math facts but with 'take aways' or subtracting numbers to 20

Tuesday, March 3
No Homework

Monday, March 2

First of all, my apologies, I did not send any math homework on Friday after all! There were six students absent, and then two more left early. At that point I decided not to send any homework. I had posted the homework earlier in the day, but when I went to try and change the posting I could not log in to change it. We have definitely been experiencing technical difficulties in the last week or so. Sorry for any confusion.

List 22
very, use , snap,, small, where