This is a reminder that the 2nd meeting for Reconciliation at Guardian Angels' Church will be held on Sunday, February 7th, 2016 at 1:00 p.m. and/or Thursday, February 11th, 2016 at 7:00 p.m.   Please bring your child and their work folders along with colouring utensils.

The Sacrament of Reconciliation will be celebrated on Monday, February 22nd, 2016 at 7:00 p.m. at Guardian Angels' Church, Orillia.

Thank you and God Bless.

Our next school Mass: Feb. 10 - Ash Wednesday
Presented by Grade 2
ALL WELCOME! 9:30 a.m.

Valentine's Day Fundraiser Dance-Friday, February 12

Thursday, February 4

Many students (Mason, Jonathan, Ellie, Jack D, Jack M, Lucas, Emma, Tyler, Noah, Thea, Landon,Tyler, Nathan) have a spoken part for the Mass. They brought home a copy of their part to practice over the long week-end. "LOUD, CLEAR and a little SLOWER than we would usually read" is the goal.

Monday, February 8

This week is a Spelling Review Week- no spelling list or quiz on Friday

-students wrote a list of names in their agendas today for Valentines, if you choose to send them
-Friday will be our Valentine's Dance as well as Valentine party!
Peanut free treats accepted:)

Wednesday, February 3

Spelling Quiz tomorrow instead of Friday (PA Day)

-tonight the February Newsletter and Valentine's Day
Dance-A-Thon  notes were sent home,
-please indicate in agenda if you did not receive these materials

Monday, February 1

List 18: long u sound
cute, use, huge, June, true, you, rule, few

-practice spelling words

Tuesday, January 26

Thank you parents for your generous donation of ribbon for our Chinese Dancing Dragons. (New Year's Traditions Around the World) We could certainly use more, thin to medium is best for our purposes. Sparkly is good!

Homework: write your spelling words 3X 

Monday, January 25

The Grade 2 class has completed over 1, 000 math questions on the prodigy math game! Fantastic review!

List 17 - the long o sound
no, so, go, boat, home, most, coat, old

Homework: either finish or show parent(s) the math page we worked on today (page 155 Showing a two digit number 2 different ways e.g., as tens and ones, as a tally, as a word)

Wednesday, January 20

Dear Parents, 
Most students have logged in to PRODIGY successfully. Last night the Grade 2 class, as a group, completed almost 400 math questions!! Our class leader today was Jonathan. He completed over 100 questions himself! WOW! We do have a class code as well, C9FQSN. I am just getting familiar with the game myself and I know there will be glitches but I do feel it is very worthwhile. It has many positive aspects. 
1) It is aligned to the Ontario curriculum and grade level.
2) It tracks student progress and I can see specific strengths and weaknesses for individual students and for the class as a whole. 

Please feel free to contact me via agenda or phone call if you are having trouble with it.

HOMEWORK: review spelling words

Tuesday, January 19

log in to PRODIGY AND practice math skills!!

Monday, January 18


List 16 - the long i sound
five, nine, kind, time, ride, like, fine, find

Homework: review words, complete "MY FAMILY " page

Thursday, January 14

Spelling Quiz tomorrow-review your words

Wednesday, January 13

List 15- the long e sound
read, feed, seat, eat, free, each, tree, week

Tuesday night's homework was use each word in a sentence

Thursday, January 7

-Spelling quiz tomorrow, students were given an "apple" to write their words on for practice

Wednesday, January 6  - No homework assigned.

Please see agenda for January School Newsletter and a small, bright orange reminder for the Sacrament of Reconciliation  and First Communion Meetings taking place on January 10 & 14. (Parents need only attend one meeting. Two meetings are being held for your convenience.)  These meetings are for all parents, including those who attend St. Columbkille's or St. Francis. 

READING ASSEMBLY COMING UP!! Just a reminder that we are running an nightly reading program to encourage students to read on a regular basis. On January 22 we will be having a Reading Assembly to recognize students who have read on 25 nights. Each student who has read 25 nights will receive a personalized bookmark!! When students reach the next milestone, 50 nights, they will receive a book or another prize. As I reviewed this today many students were concerned that they are reading a chapter book. Does a chapter book count for more than one night? Yes! If your child reads a few chapters each night from a longer book you may record the same book for more than one night. 

READ ON!!  Congratulations to Thea!! Thirty-five nights of reading:) 

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Homework: use each spelling word (listed belong under Monday, January 4th) in a sentence

Hope every family has had a good holiday. Welcome back and 

Happy New Year! 


Where: Guardian Angels Hall (church basement)
When: two meetings to choose from, attend one or contact Parish Office to enrol
 -either Sunday, January 10th at 1:00 PM
Thursday, January 14th at 7:00 PM

For children Gr. 2 or older
Please bring Baptismal Certificate and $30.00

SACRAMENT OF RECONCILIATION will take place Monday, February 22, 2016 at 7:00 PM

Monday, January 4

Pizza/Pita money due Jan. 7
**forms were sent home before Christmas, I have extras, please indicate in agenda if you need an order form

Spelling List 14- "long a sound" 
cake, came, gave, game, away, say, play, may
bonus: Happy New Year

Tonight's homework:  Math page - identify shapes using specific colours

Last week for Food Drive and Mitten Drive!
Concert Tonight at 6:30 p.m. -singers please be here by 6:15. Hang your coats outside our classroom and then head into the gym.
Bake Sale-Wednesday, December 16


Monday, December 14

-these are not "Gr. 2 spelling words" but seasonal words chosen by the class to practice this week,
-as a class we chose 6 and students chose up to four more for their list 
 -if your child struggles with the list remind them this is an extra challenge list to help us learn seasonal words

Bethlehem, cookies, elf, Frosty, Vixen, sleigh

Friday, December 11

Time is flying by!! Only one more week of class before we break for the holidays! On Monday we will be painting our "special Christmas surprise." Old clothes are recommended and/or short sleeves. An old t-shirt of mom or dad's to put on over clothes would work too.

*If you know your child will be away at the end of the week please be sure to let me know so that our Christmas surprise and card can be sent home early. If your child gets sick any time next week let me know if it would be convenient to come by and pick up their creation. I know they will be disappointed if they do not have their work home for the holidays.

Jingle all the way,
Mrs. Anthony 

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Food Drive -canned goods etc
Mitten Tree-warm hats, mitts, gloves, scarves etc
 All donations gratefully accepted and passed on to St. Vincent de Paul on December 18

Grade 2 who are choir members will be participating in the School Concert. The choir will be singing between each act. TUESDAY, DEC. 15 - 6:30 start. Be here at 6:15. 

Homework: study spelling words

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Homework: put your spelling words inside Santa's beard on the angel (whichever one you chose)

Bring your three dimensional solid to school. (a can is a "cylinder"  a box of Kleenex is a "rectangular prism"
-we are sketching solids tomorrow:)
Quick Clarification!! The whole Grade 2 class is not performing in the concert, only those who are already a part of the choir. I apologize if yesterday's note was unclear. Concert is Dec. 15 at 6:30. Please have singers here at 6:15 p.m.

St. Bernard's is running a Food Drive until the 18th of December, and our mitten tree is in the main foyer. All donations gratefully accepted and passed on to St. Vincent de Paul. 

Grade 2 will participate in the concert as part of the school choir. The choir will be singing between each act. TUESDAY, DEC. 15 - 6:30 start. Be here at 6:15. 

The Grade 2 class will creating a small gift for parents. I can't tell you what it is, but I would like to ask for a small donation to offset the cost of materials. $3.00 please. If students have two households they have been offered the opportunity to make two gifts. ($6.00 please if they need to make 2) 

Monday, December 7

Please bring $3.00 for craft (surprise for parents....shhh)

Bring a 3 dimensional shape from home(e.g., a can of soup is a "cylinder" , a Toblerone box is a "triangular prism)

List 12 Spelling Words: St. Nicholas, Santa Claus, Merry Christmas, wreath, faith, joy

Monday, November 30

 List 11
small, smart, spin, space, step, star, stay, just 
and two extra "seasonal" words: Advent, Jesus

Thursday, November 26

Spelling Quiz tomorrow

Wednesday, November 25

no homework assigned this evening

Tuesday, November 24

List 10 : bring, brother, grass, green, brown, grow, from, frog

-last night's homework was to create a word search

Tonight's homework: SCRABBLE WORDS

-connect as many of the spelling words as you can like a scrabble game, use the grid paper, you may not be able to connect all the words together, you can have a few small groups with 2, 3, or 4 words connected

e.g.)  brown

Wednesday, November 18

Homework: review spelling words for quiz tomorrow

St. Bernard's Spirit Wear -orders due back November 20

"Consonant Blends"
black, blue, clock, clown, flat, flag, glad, glass


Friday, November 13

Next week is Bullying Prevention Week. The theme for this week is "THINK before you POST. Cyber-bullying HURTS"

Monday, November 16-wear pink in support of bullying  prevention!

Thursday, November 12

Good job Grade Two!! The Grade 2 class was congratulated by Mrs. Heenenman for their good listening, both yesterday during the Remembrance Day service, and today during the School Mass. 

Picture retakes happening tomorrow. Please indicate in the agenda if you would like a retake done.

Homework: review for Spelling Quiz

Tuesday, November 10

List 8 - "short u sound"
fun, run, mud, hut, up, cut,

Type out your spelling words on the computer and print your list OR Have a family member give you a "practice test." Bring in your test to show me!

Friday, November 6
-get your spelling List 7 Test signed
-please be sure to send notebook back on Monday for new list!!

Thursday, November 5
Study for spelling quiz tomorrow

Wednesday, November 4

-no homework assigned today
notes were sent home for parents who have NOT yet chosen an interview time-please choose a time for Parent-Teacher Conference either Thursday, November 19 (evening)  or Friday, November 20 (all day)

Tuesday, November 3

-write out spelling words in your spelling notebook , trace the vowels in red  (a,e,i,o, u)

Monday, November 2

Picture money due Nov. 10

Homework: write spelling words out 3x ( 3 times)

List 7  "short o"

log, come, hot, box, stop, gone, top, got

Challenge List (for students who had a perfect score on pre-test)
dove, poppy, Remembrance Day, saint, peace


Thank you to all parents who helped with the dance-a-thon, and/or dressed our Grade 2 ghouls and zombies and princesses and puppets in great costumes. It was a fun day! I very much appreciated the variety of treats, healthy snacks, juice and napkins so thoughtfully provided.

Enjoy the week-end! 


Hallowe'en Dance-a-thon tomorrow from 9:55-10:55 for the Grade 2 class. Parents welcome to dance along!!

Thanks to all the parents who are supplying treats! (Many of them healthy! Happy Hallowe'en.)

After the dance-a-thon we will return to "normal programming" for the middle block of the day. For the last hour of the day we will have a Hallowe'en party. Treats are welcomed, but please keep in mind that all treats must be peanut free. If you are planning to send a treat please let me know (via agenda) and consider sending a healthy treat so we are not too sugar-charged by the end of the day! (mini-water bottles, fruit snack, veggie snack, pretzels)

Tuesday, October 27

Spelling: this is a Review Week
-each student has a list (printed in a bat) that includes any errors from Spelling Tests 1-5, plus three Hallowe'en words
-this week we are working with these words but there will be no formal test

Monday, October 26

-Halloween fundraiser money due Wednesday
Friday, October 23

-new books sent home for week-end

Wednesday, October 21


-hot dog forms sent home for Dance-a-Thon day

Tuesday, October 20

-new Food Order forms for the first two weeks of November sent home today
-some students did not do their Word Search last night, it was sent home again to finish
***Please Note: Food Order forms due back at school October 29***

 Monday, October 19

List 5 -the short i sound (says "i" like in the word "sit")

List 5-Challenge List (for students who chose to attempt the pre-test and had perfect score)

1) Canada
2) Ontario
3) Orillia

#4,5,6, chosen by student

There will be a voluntary pre-test on Mondays. If your child chooses to write the test and gets a perfect score he/she will study a challenge list (complied by student and I together) for the week and be tested on Friday. Challenge words will be pulled from our daily reading, and writing and be linked with curriculum. For example, words like "Canada" or "pattern" are directly linked to our daily learning. 

Monday's Homework

-complete the Word Search that includes all 5 of our spelling lists
(started in class)